Budapest: organization of the pilot events of the EYESS project

The Ares 2.0 Association within the EYESS project held a meeting at Testnevelési Egyetem (TF) in Budapest, hosted by the Budapest Association for International Sports.

The meeting was attended by several project partners, including Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup, Associazione Ares 2.0, Uisp Roma, VIDC, Horizon Service – Società Cooperativa Sociale, Uisp Nazionale, Coris – Department of Communication and Social Research – Sapienza and the University of Peloponnese.

During the meeting, project partners discussed future pilot events to replicate the Anti-Racist World Cup model in their local communities. The EYESS project aims to combat discrimination by organizing sports events against racism.

The date of the pilot events has not yet been confirmed, but organizers have announced that the events will be held in April 2020. The goal of the events is to engage young people in the fight against discrimination and social segregation by organizing sports activities.

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