Youth and work

The association has launched an activity of planning events in schools aimed at representing the future of work and the role of the union. For this activity, a partnership with the national FILCTEM-CGIL is being activated.

The Ares 2.0 association has launched an important event planning activity in schools, with the aim of representing the future of work and the role of the union in society. The initiative was launched to provide students with a broader and more comprehensive view of the world of work and the opportunities it offers, as well as to make them aware of the importance of unions and workers’ rights.

For this activity, the Ares 2.0 association is currently activating a partnership with FILCTEM-CGIL Nazionale, an important Italian union that represents workers in the service and chemical sectors. FILCTEM-CGIL will provide support and assistance to the association in organizing events and promoting the topics covered.

The events planned by the association are designed to be interactive and engaging, so that students can learn through the experience and testimonials of representatives of the world of work. The events include conferences, workshops and meetings with industry experts, to offer students a complete overview of the opportunities and challenges of the world of work.

Furthermore, the events also aim to promote the importance of labor relations and workers’ rights, so that students can understand how the union fights to protect their interests and ensure a safe and fair working environment.

In summary, the association’s initiative aims to provide a more complete education to students on the future of work and the role of the union, so that they can be prepared to become active and aware citizens in a constantly changing society. With the support of FILCTEM-CGIL, the association hopes to reach the maximum number of students and help create a better future for all workers.

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