kick off meeting in Greece of the EYESS project

From Feb. 25-27, the Ares 2.0 Association participated in the EYESS project kick-off meeting in Patras, Greece, to share with international partners the project’s strategic priorities and to present the creativity of the communication campaign.

EYESS is a project funded under the European Erasmus+ Sport program that aims to stimulate social inclusion and combat discrimination through sport and especially through a new joint effort between nonprofit organizations and universities, transferring the model of the Antiracist World Cup into a partnership involving 7 organizations

From 5 countries (Italy, Denmark, Hungary, Greece and Austria)

The Ares 2.0 association was given the important task of training partners on social communication, especially related to events such as the World Cup, and guiding the communication campaign developed by individual partners at the local level. The quality with which this activity is developed will have an important influence on the outcomes of the project and its ability to effectively reach the target audience.

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