Depart – Developing effective policies for migrants and refugees

The Ares Association has long been committed to the theme of inclusion and equal opportunities for all, and now it is projecting itself again in Europe through the DEPART project. The project, which is part of the European Union’s AMIF program, aims to contribute to the inclusion of migrants and refugees through their involvement in policy-making processes in four European municipalities: Piraeus in Greece, Avezzano in Italy, Girona in Spain, and Sofia in Bulgaria.

The DEPART project aims to create a more inclusive environment for migrants and refugees by promoting their active participation in decision-making processes that affect them. The Ares 2.0 Association will work in synergy with local authorities and civil society organizations in these 4 municipalities to ensure that the voices of migrants and refugees are heard and that their interests are represented in decision-making processes.

The project involves a range of activities, including intensive communication, organizing meetings between representatives of local authorities and civil society, and training for migrants and refugees on their rights and how to actively participate in decision-making processes.

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